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Currently, the only online platform we use to sell our vintage clothing is on 1stdibs, home of the best vintage and designer clothing and accessories. Please click the link below to view our full collection, we update every Wednesday and put items on sale every Saturday!

50s Silk Satin Tiered Strapless Gown
1910s Floral Edwardian Hat w/ Large Bow
1950s Colorful Printed Flamenco Dress
1940s Brown Alligator Beggar Bag
1930s Light Pink Round Celluloid Sunglasses
Victorian Black Beaded Battenburg Lace Mourning Capelet
1930s Gold Sequin Black Cocktail Hat with Feather
1970s Lilli Diamond Nude Dress with Feather Trim
30s Black Pom Pom Hat w/ Veil
20s Silver Toned Brass Tiara Headband
1970s Paco Rabanne Chain Link Disco Dress
40s Lilli Ann Jacket w/ Beading Detail
1960s Cloche Hat w/ Rhinestone Buttons
Gold Crane Embroidered Ceremonial Wedding Kimono
1950s Emma Domb Black and Pink Tulle Party Dress
10 images  Edit Images  2002 Alexander McQueen 'Milkmaid' Corset Cocktail Dress
20s Velvet Floral Printed Drop Waist Dress
20s Brown Chiffon Dress with Peach Beading & Fringe
1960s Acid Rainbow Psychadelic Two Piece Set
60s Summer of Love Mongolian Sheep Trimmed Suede Embroidered Coat
1970s Mr. Freedom Rainbow Two Piece
1920s Burnt Orange & Seafoam Green Wide Brim Cloche Hat
1970s Pink Hooded Halter Jersey Maxi Dress
1920s Art Nouveau Brass Crown With Jewels
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